3d artist and science journalist.

Sci-fi Art

Immerse yourself in the realm of sci-fi art and animations, where technology and science converge to create stunning visuals. Join me in exploring these intricate worlds.

This piece was meticulously crafted using Blender 3.5, and received its final touches through careful post-editing in Photoshop.

Surreal Art

Surrealism is something I can’t go without.

Neal Stephenson, the creator of the word «Metaverse», decided to build his own Metaverse.


This was created also with Blender and edited with Photoshop.


The image on the big screen is based on two characters made using the AI Midjourney. It’s a reference to the book «Snow Crash» by Neal Stephenson.

Want to hire me? You're maybe right because:

  • 01

    Huge diversity

    I can create in a lot of different styles.

  • 02

    High Quality

    My works all always high quality renders and animations. For videos, 4k is the standard with me.

  • 03

    Top Resource

    Tasty design resources made with care for each pixel.

  • 04

    Client Oriented

    I will be very kind with you.

Some of my projects


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